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Our initial consultation will be all about making a wish list. Now is the time to pull out those magazine clippings you’ve saved. Together, we’ll look for common elements, a style you’re drawn to. Rustic or classic, modern or time-honored, something unique to you? We’ll discuss your lifestyle and how you ultimately want to use your home’s exterior space. We’ll talk about problems you hope to solve with your new design. For example, did your neighbor’s remodel eliminate your backyard privacy? Think about the issues you have with your site and we can work together to solve them. As we work together, a comprehensive and realistic design aimed at making your outdoors a retreat will begin to take shape.


The preliminary design begins by analyzing your exterior space and noting how it relates to your home and neighborhood. At my studio I use these notes, the list we developed at the initial consultation, and any pertinent building codes to develop a preliminary conceptual design plan. I typically use sketches and photographs to further illustrate my design intent. From the preliminary plan we will work closely together to finalize the conceptual design.

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