We absolutely loved working with you for everything you've already done for us, and would look forward to benefiting from more of your thoughts, talent, and expertise, and the pleasure of engaging with your delightful creativity.

Stu Hann

Katie, Just wanted to say thanks for helping us get our garden freshened up. I especially love the water wisdom built into the plant selection. As a water industry professional, that was key for me Kim especially loves the aesthetic design aspects. You made things so easy. I can't believe we got everything set in place and planted in a single weekend. We added some lighting. I think you would like it. I'm glad you put up your sign. I took the liberty of moving it to the left so it is more prominent. I must have talked to about 20 people while I was working, most of whom are neighbors I had never met before. They all loved the modern look. Some of them want to do something similar. Hopefully, you get a call. Thanks again. Happy designing!

Norris and Kim Brandt

We want to thank you so much for all your hard work and creative design! It was exactly what we were looking for and we can't wait to see the finished product. We want to have a 'kick-off the summer' party and you will be invited.

Mike and Courtney Madnick

Dear Katie,

Sam and I would like to thank you so much for all your help in assisting us with our wonderful backyard! We could never have come up with something so beautiful without you. Who would have thought that succulents could be so beautiful? It’s been so exciting watching the different types of flowers bloom from many of the plants. We had no idea. It would have been so difficult and time-consuming for us to have had to research all of the various plants and trees, and your time and effort in this regard really paid off for us. That’s not to mention your helping us with things like the color of the cement for our patio, the optimum size of the eating space around our barbeque that would suit our needs, which plants and trees to light in our gardens, and which type of patio structure that would work best for us. It’s added a whole new dimension to our home which we enjoy with our family and friends.

We really want to thank you for your hard work in coming up with the perfect backyard for us.

Sam and Lindsey Bertoni

Katie Cool of Cool Designs for Landscape worked seamlessly to develop, design and install 'Water Wise Demonstration Gardens' as part of an outreach to the community to bring awareness to the need for water conservation in residential and commercial landscape settings. Her knowledge of drought tolerant plants and her willingness to work with all the design challenges we faced, insured that the project progressed quickly and smoothly, resulting in a landscape that visually demonstrates how water conservation may be incorporated into exciting designs. She was active from the initial discussions on design all the way through the layout of the project and the planting of the plants. It was a very enjoyable process with a great result!

Bruce Hartley
City of Costa Mesa

Dear Katie, I have been wanting to write to you for sometime, to let you know how much enjoyment our new garden has brought to our family. We have lived in our Yorba Linda home for 25 years and the original garden was designed by a track home landscaper with little or no input from myself. It not only did not serve our purpose, but also did not represent my taste or our lifestyle. Consequently, it was rarely ever used. Two years ago, as I was ready to start a complete yard renovation, I contacted several landscapers that were not able to capture my vision. After speaking with Kevin from Landscape Locators, he referred me to you; feeling that you would be able to translate my vision into a concrete plan. From the beginning I felt that you really listened to my wishes, injected your expertise, and together we came up with a design that perfectly captured my vision. Our guests continually comment about the remarkable transformation that our yard has taken. Working with you was stress free, and while you were completely professional you also acted like a friend. You were very patient, spending time with me at the rock yard picking the perfect stone, and at several nurseries showing me exactly which plants you were recommending we use. The end result exceeded my wildest dreams. Thank you for everything.

Judy Taylor

I have loved having Katie at Cool Designs put together my garden. It is always a wonderful surprise to see my plants and flowers change and grow with the seasons. Katie really listened to what my ideas were, the colors I liked, and the look I was going for, and I am so pleased with my yard. She also made suggestions as to the types of trees and bushes to add to areas that had lots of sun, and no sun, with great results. I would highly recommend Cool Designs for any areas that require plants, trees or flowers to bring life to your home or office building.

Rick and LuAnn Campo

Dear Katie:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job you did in designing my backyard landscaping. Your design captured my vision exactly. This would not have been possible without you.

In addition to the design, I am particularly grateful for your follow up to make sure the design was properly implemented. My backyard now looks great!

I have received numerous compliments on my backyard and am enjoying it more every day.

Kevin P. MacLatchie

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