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Sometimes there’s nothing better than just staying home and sharing a bottle of wine with friends in your own backyard. Our Southern California weather makes outdoor get-togethers possible nearly year-round. Even a chilly afternoon can be spent outdoors – what’s more relaxing than lounging under a soft blanket next to a roaring outdoor fireplace, with the aroma of strong coffee coming from your cup? This is what good design is all about. It’s what Cool Designs for Landscapes does. We make your dream a reality, from finding the same hydrangea bush that Grandma grew to giving you that stylish place to bring friends and family for the 4th of July party. Good design exemplifies you.


We’ve all done it. We’ve bought that cute plant with the pretty red flowers that would be just perfect by the front door only to have it become a monster. Are you spending a small fortune to replace the latest batch of struggling plants? While there is always risk when working with living plants, there are steps to take that will greatly improve the outcome. Cool Designs for Landscapes knows which plants will work best for you, whether you live along the coast or inland or somewhere in between. It’s not always what is written in the books; often it’s more about the experience gained from being in the thick of it.


Cool Designs for Landscapes was founded by Katie Cool, a certified Ornamental Horticulturist and Designer who finds a new adventure with every project. She’s been asked to step back in time, creating a pitch perfect ‘Retro 1950’ modern front. She’s fashioned a quaint English garden retreat inviting to butterflies and birds and she’s transformed a suburban cement patch into a woodland getaway. Good design is about balancing spaces with just the right amount of elbow- room and finishing it off with the right chandelier and lounge. At Cool Designs for Landscapes, we know that no client or property is alike. It’s the potential of what could be that creates the buzz.

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