Q.Do all the products meet national guidelines for dysphagia patients?

There are 4 levels of foods for dysphagia patients. Gourmet Puree products are all level 1 compliant (pudding-like consistency).

Q.Who is the ideal patient or user of your foods?

Our ideal customer has level 1 dysphagia (the most difficulty swallowing). We are also a great option for all those with any swallowing and chewing issues.

Q.How should these products be used in our facility for this trial?

Based on our current line of products, we recommend supplemental use alongside other food items currently used in the facility.

Q.How is the product shipped and stored on site before use?

The product is shipped frozen in the mold and should be stored frozen on site (0 to -15 degrees).

Q.Is the product gluten free, salt free, or dairy free?

At this time, the products are not gluten free, salt free, or dairy free. Our focus is on flavor, texture and nutrition.

Q.Why would these products be beneficial to us?

Every facility wants to save money.  Gourmet Puree can make this happen.  Our foods:

  • need less space in the kitchen
  • use only one appliance
  • require less labor costs in food preparation
  • prevent overproduction and food waste

In addition, Gourmet Puree can become a terrific marketing tool to attract new patients to your facility.

Q.How will these products help prevent the readmission of discharged hospital patients within a 30 day period?

Within the year our products will be available for residential use, making it possible for your patients to continue the nutritional diet they need.

Q.What products are available?

Currently, we have six products available, and have plans for the development of numerous products in the future. Our products available today are:

 -Lasagna  -Chicken  -Meatloaf
 -Corn  -Peas  -Broccoli
Q.Will it save us time?

Due to the lack of options in the marketplace, many food service operators prepare traditional meals and then liquidize the food into puree. This process compromises the flavor and nutrients making each bite less beneficial to the patient. Our product is already pureed, flavorful, and nutritious. By simply heating our product and serving it to your patients, your kitchen will save time resulting in lower labor costs.

Q.Does Gourmet Puree have insurance for their products?

Yes, coverage is provided by Golden Eagle Insurance. Our food is also approved by the FDA and USDA.