Food Preparation


There are 2 ways to cook our foods:

Both are easy, quick, and convenient.

If you are using a rice cooker/food steamer, there are numerous makes and models. Therefore, we will only be able to provide general written instructions as a guideline for cooking the foods. These directions and times may need to be adjusted to achieve appropriate results. Our instructions are designed for an Aroma Rice Cooker/Food Steamer.

When removing the shaped food from the steamer, please be aware it is VERY HOT and the steam can BURN you. We recommend using tongs or gloves.

If you are using a microwave to cook the products, we have provided a video to assist in the instruction of preparing the foods. We have also included written instructions for the preparation of each item.

Remember, if crusting or hardening of any of the products occurs because of over-heating, avoid eating these areas, as it may cause chocking.