Rice cooker/steamer

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rice-cookerOur instructions are designed for an AROMA Rice Cooker/Steamer

Individual Items Cooked

  • Add 2 2/3 cup of water
  • Put product on tray, food side up, and close lid
  • Push ON button
  • Push “Smart Steam” button to correct time. (If the steamer is cold, it can take up to 8-9 minutes to warm up before it starts counting down).


Cooking Times

Corn 6 minutes
Peas 5 minutes
Broccoli 6 minutes
Lasagna 9 minutes
Chicken 10 minutes
Meatloaf 10 minutes
NOTE: Vegetables should reach 135 degrees, and Meats should reach 165 degrees.


Cooking 2 Items at the Same Time with a Rice Cooker/Food Steamer

WARNING: When removing the shaped food from the steamer, Please be aware that it is VERY HOT.  The steam can BURN you.  We recommend using tongs and gloves.


Cooking Times

Broccoli/ Corn 8 minutes
Chicken/meatloaf 12 minutes
Cooking times for heating these 2 foods together