Our Founders

Gourmet Puree, founded by Renee Hulse and Wendy Betts, two mothers with a passion for preparing easy-to-swallow, nutritious food for their loved ones who needed pureed diets.

Renee knows firsthand about the need for a product such as Gourmet Puree.  During a period of time, two of her six children required a pureed diet.  One suffered from ulcerative colitis and the other had their jaw temporarily wired shut.  Renee developed several of Gourmet Puree’s recipes as a result of this challenge, creating nutritious dishes with exceptional flavors that are easily eaten and digested.

Over a period of twenty-one years, Wendy’s mother suffered a series of small strokes, and for the last decade of her life, required round-the-clock care.  One of her most heart-wrenching experiences was watching her mother lose the ability to eat solid foods.  Wendy and family members spent hours every day cooking and assembling homemade pureed meals.  Even as a caregiver with three young children, she found herself wishing that someone understood the need she had for a simpler, faster way to meet her ailing mother’s nutritional needs.
Now Wendy and Renee have teamed up to share their years of experience as caregivers and chefs and are proud to introduce Gourmet Puree to the marketplace.  Their products will give caregivers some well-deserved time off while providing great-tasting, healthful, affordable meals to patients in need of a pureed diet.