Gourmet Puree has been such a great discovery for our home health agency, Salus. We now have a great resource for our patients who may be struggling with malnutrition, loss of appetite, or aspiration and are in need of a pureed diet. The look of Gourmet Puree’s food is much more appetizing than a bowl of “mush” as our patients have said. This is because of the molds and coloring of the food. Patients are more likely to finish their meals and enjoy eating in social settings. They are not embarrassed by the look of their food. Gourmet Puree is also more convenient for our caregivers to prepare and safer for the patients to eat since caregivers can’t always get the right consistency so that aspiration won’t occur.

Jessica Catalano,
Rehabilitation Therapy Coordinator, Aspen/Salus Home Health

My mother-in-law, Sally, has always eaten slowly. She has been losing her ability to swallow recently and it was recommended by her nurse to puree all of her food. Gourmet Puree is a delicious, time-saving, and convenient way to add to the menu. The texture is good, and it looks appetizing and tastes great! Just what we needed!

Janet Lisle,

Gourmet Puree relieves a major deficiency in a select niche of the food and nutrition industry. For my patients who have an altered ability to swallow due to their cancer or cancer treatments, I can now confidently find them a gratifying form of nutrition.

George G. Miranda, MD,
Medical Oncologist

The foods are delicious and very easy to prepare. The chicken and meatloaf provide a perfect opportunity to add sauces and gravies allowing for endless recipes. I use Gourmet Puree products to supplement each meal. I am assured that my husband is getting a well-rounded, nutritional diet every time. Thank you, Gourmet Puree.

Judy Jones,

Gourmet Puree Foods are specially designed to meet patient nutritional demands while providing choice and dignity to the individual. I am so appreciative to be able to share this much needed resource with my patients. Gourmet Puree has succeeded in providing appetizing and easy-to-prepare meals in a “tasteful” manner!

Cheryl Crane DDS, MPH, MBA,
Director, Geriatric Dentistry