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Mike Gregor

Can't Make Simple Changes to Your Own Website? Paying Someone $$$ for Website Changes When You Should be Able to do Them Yourself?

Here's an Idea....use EZ Website Manager and Fire Your Web Guy!

With EZ Website Manager you can:
  • Make changes to every page of your website as easily as typing in to a Word document
  • Never have to pay an unnecessary maintenance fee again (Hint: All maintenance fees are unnecessary)
  • Never had to wait for another update again (Hint: waiting even 5 minutes is too long for us when we need to make a change!)
In less than just 14 business days you can do all the above and more!


Unfortunately 95% of ALL websites are just static, boring online brochures.  Websites don't start out that way, but they become stale when it's difficult, expensive or time-consuming to get website changes made.

In addition, if your website doesn't either automate specific aspects of your business saving you time and or money, or help you generate more leads and sales or BOTH, you are NOT getting the most out of your website!  And sales in your industry are going somewhere... just NOT to you!

CLICK HERE if you are ready to make a change or learn more

In just 3 Easy steps, you can take control of your website and be able to make changes to your own website copy, add testimonials, pictures, schedule a new event, update your calendar, whatever you need to do WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Best of all, you DON'T ever have to rely on a developer again, unless you need to make a big design change or addition that requires special, out of the ordinary programming, or you need some technical support.

In less than 14 business days, you can have total control of your website AND have a site with the types of built in tools you will need to make sure your website is set up for marketing.


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