The Summer Painting Season

We paint a lot of houses during the summer. Living under the sun in the Inland Empire can give you a real beating. You and I are both looking for shade pretty quick on those days when the thermo is shooting up like the Shuttle Atlantis. Your house however doesn't have the luxury of getting out of the sun. If you ever happen to be outside on a ladder, get up close and take a look at the condition of your wood. I know, sometimes its staring back at you even without the ladder… But take a look at the over all condition of your house's trim and  evaluate your maintenance program. If you are planning on staying there,   the wood will last years longer when it is kept protected from the harsh summer sun and wind.

Now that you've planted those new shade trees and are waiting for them to  grow, call us  and we'll seal up that thirsty wood with some top quality Dunn-Edwards Paint. Thank you.

Don't forget, we service Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and the San Gabriel Valley.

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