Who is Next Step Press?

Next Step Press is the exclusive publisher of the Rich Dad Advisor series of books worldwide.

Rich Dad Poor Dad represents the most successful book on personal finance in our generation. Over the last 15 years, its message has inspired the lives of millions in over 54 countries around the world. It has continued to top the best seller lists globally because of its message. The book clearly lifts the veil of confusion, fear and futility around money and replaces it with clarity, truth and hope for every person who is willing to commit to its content.

In order to make good on the promise of financial literacy and ultimate freedom, Robert Kiyosaki assembled his own personal and trusted advisors, who are proven experts in their given fields, to deliver the only complete “how-to” follow up series of books and programs that would take the message of Rich Dad to the streets of the world and give each reader the step-by-step processes to achieve wealth and income in business, investing and entrepreneurship.

Next Step Press is driven by three of Kiyosaki’s actual Advisors: Garrett Sutton (legal), Ken McElroy (real estate) and Blair Singer (Sales and Team). They have committed to take the message of Rich Dad, convert it to practical application and make sure those processes are put in the hands of those who seek financial literacy and freedom around the world. The series gives practical, proven processes to succeed in the areas of finance, tax, entrepreneurship, investing, property, debt, sales, wealth management and both business and personal development.

Next Step Press is proud to perpetuate the existing popular Rich Dad Advisor Series which have already sold over 2 million copies worldwide. In addition to re-releasing the existing series with freshened content in starting 2012, Next Step is introducing a comprehensive schedule of exciting new titles that drive deeper and wider into the strategies of acquiring wealth and income.

To ensure longevity and market penetration, Next Step Press reserves a sizeable percentage of each Advisor book sale for on-going marketing and selling support. Based upon its already impressive sales over the last several years, this marketing fund is a huge asset to booksellers and promoters around the world in assisting them in co-funding promotions, PR, special displays and all other strategies to drive book sales.

In addition, the Next Step Press Calendar hosts an incredible schedule of Rich Dad Advisor events around the world to further drive the brand, its message and its education. Next Step is excited to partner with its distributors and booksellers everywhere to drive sales into every market.


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