Josh and Lisa Lannon

Josh and Lisa Lannon are Social Entrepreneurs and Founders of Journey Healing Centers (private drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States), and proud parents of two young amazing children. Josh and Lisa have been together for 17 years and married for over 11. They’ve dedicated themselves to building a social enterprise focused on giving back to the community by taking a social problem and providing solutions. Journey Healing Centers also supports charities by regularly contributing profits every month and through event support where their team and clients volunteer to assist organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Angels in Action, Kiva and notMYkid along with regularly donating food and household items to shelters.

Their organization, Journey Healing Centers (, has assisted thousands of individuals recover from addiction with dignity and respect while reuniting families back together again. JHC has a 95% completion success rate (industry average is 48% according to SAMSHA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association) and holds the highest level of global accreditation. JHC provides Residential Programs, Outpatient Facilities, Day Treatment, Sober Living Homes, Family Programming, Free Aftercare for Life and a Sobriety for Life Program. The company has been featured on MTV’s Gone Too Far, USA Today, Psychology Today, People Magazine, NPR and many other media. Josh and Lisa have also been featured in interviews on Fox News, PBS, Voice America, CBS Radio Night Views, America Tonight among others.

Josh Lannon is a Social Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Journey Healing Centers. Josh is an inspirational leader and international speaker, who wanted to give back by building social enterprises after getting sober 10 years ago. Josh launched the business from 1 center to 6 centers in 9 years, and is currently working on a global expansion though licensing. Josh studies and activity applies the Rich Dad philosophies, and speaks worldwide at Rich Dad financial education events. He is an honorary member of YPO (young presidents organization) and a board member to SPWW. Prior to building Journey Healing Centers, Josh apprenticed under his father’s direction by operating the family owned nightclub business in Las Vegas. Josh’s leadership and team led the Vegas nightclubs to be voted the #1 country club, 5 years in a row. Josh has also dedicated the past 19 years to studying the martial arts. He has a “Professor of Arts” ranking as a 6th degree black belt as a personal student to the Grandmaster Mr. Paul Mills. Josh is a leading Professor at the AKKI annual international seminars and teaches karate seminars worldwide.

Lisa Lannon is a Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Journey Healing Centers, investor and international speaker. After her husband, Josh Lannon/CEO, got sober 10 years ago, the couple decided to assist others get loved ones back by building Journey Healing Centers. Along with Co-Founding JHC, Lisa carefully selects the real estate for their luxurious World Class Healing facilities. Lisa is the Founder of Brooke Property Management and an investor in apartment complexes with holdings of 1800 units. Lisa has been interviewed on PBS’s Rich Woman Show, writes for the Rich Woman blog, and speaks at Rich Dad financial education events worldwide. Prior to Journey Healing Centers, Lisa was a commissioned Law Enforcement Officer for the Las Vegas Police Department, where she dealt with addiction and crime, and she learned how to think quickly on her feet and clearly communicate with her team.

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